The Wrongful Conviction of David Thorne
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Yvonne Layne died way too young.  She was 26 years old at the time of her death and the mother of 5 children, all with different fathers.  Yvonne was known to be promiscuous, and several officers at the Alliance police department were aware of this as well.  One officer tried to force himself on Yvonne in order to return her driver’s license to her after she had been pulled over for expired plates.  Regardless of Yvonne’s actions, no one deserves to be taken advantage of, especially by a police officer, someone you are supposed to be able to trust. 

Jeff Stout was the father of Yvonne’s oldest child.  Yvonne gave birth to her first child at age 16.  This child was brought up by Yvonne’s parents.  Jeff was never a part of his son’s life until a few months before Yvonne’s death, when Jeff and Yvonne began spending time together again.  Jeff never was given regular visitation or was required to pay child support.

Tim Myers is reportedly the father of Yvonne’s second child.  She had a relationship with Tim while she was on a break from her long-term boyfriend, Erick Cameron.  Tim never was officially listed as the father of her child on the birth certificate and this child was listed as “undetermined”, just like the first.  He was never required to pay child support. Tim, unfortunately, died in a work accident a year after their child was born.

Erick Cameron, Yvonne’s on and off again boyfriend of 10 years, was the father of her third child.  Yvonne and Erick had a very tormentuous relationship.  Yvonne reported Erick for abuse to the police on several occasions, which landed Erick in jail many times.  The child Erick and Yvonne had together is autistic.  Erick’s mother, Linda McLaughlin, was often the caregiver for this child.  Linda and Yvonne did not get along.  Although Linda took care of this child and raised him in her home, Yvonne received welfare for him.  Yvonne threatened Linda that if she reported that this child was not living with Yvonne; she would take him from her.  Fred Cameron, Linda’s ex-husband, did not believe his ex-wife and her husband should be caring for Yvonne’s children without some financial help. He reported Yvonne to child services and Yvonne took Vinnie back from Linda. 

David Thorne was the father of Yvonne’s fourth child.  David did not learn he was the father of the boy until he was 2 years old, in March 1998.  Welfare asked that a paternity test of all of Yvonne’s children be conducted to determine if any fathers could contribute financially so that Welfare didn’t have to support all of Yvonne’s kids.  David was the only father that agreed to be tested.  It was confirmed that he was the father of the boy, so he was eager to be involved in the boy’s life.  Yvonne allowed David to spend time with his son and his last name was even changed to “Thorne”.  David was ordered to pay child support, which his work would take out of his paycheck.  Yvonne and David had a good relationship and got along well at the time of her death. 

Yvonne’s fifth child was born in 1998.  The father is unknown.

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