The Wrongful Conviction of David Thorne
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New Evidence

Since David’s trial, forensic expert, Brent Turvey has reviewed his case and provided a written opinion (warning graphic photos).  Brent Turvey has a Masters in Science and is a well-known criminal profiler and forensic expert.  Mr. Turvey is also known for his work on the case of the West Memphis 3, who recently were all released.  Mr. Turvey states in his report on Yvonne’s murder that there is no way the crime happened as Joe confessed to it.  Additionally, he said that the perpetrator that committed the crime would have been covered in blood.  Joe was seen wearing a white Nike jacket and pants prior to the crime and also the morning after.  There was no blood reported on his clothing.
Handwriting Analyst
Rose Mohr, who first suggested Joe Wilkes as the murderer to the police had a business card, which she alleged that Joe wrote his name and number on the evening that she and her then boyfriend, Chris, saw Joe at the mall before Yvonne’s murder.  Since the trial, expert witness, Michael Robertson was asked to provide his professional opinion of the handwriting on that business card.  In 2003, Mr. Robertson compared the card to known handwriting samples of Joe Wilkes and Rose Mohr.  The expert determined that the card in question was more similar to the known handwriting sample of Rose Mohr than that of Joe Wilkes.  Did Ms. Mohr make this meeting up? We may never know since the police did not investigate it further.  Click here to read the handwriting expert’s report. You be the expert – do you agree with Michael Robertson?

Witness – George Hale
George Hale lived in Yvonne Layne’s neighborhood.  The morning of April 1, 1999, he was walking past Yvonne’s house when he saw a man walk out of her home carrying a black garbage bag.  Later that day, Mr. Hale noticed police outside of Yvonne’s home.  As he was curious, he went up to an officer and asked what was going on and was informed there had been a murder.  Mr. Hale then described to that officer the man he had seen leaving the property earlier that morning.  (Click to read police report).   Later, the police had Mr. Hale view two separate photo line ups to see if he could identify the individual he saw leaving the house.  On April 1st the line-up contained a photo of a police officer along with other individuals.  Mr. Hale picked out the police officer’s picture.  The police told Mr. Hale that was impossible.  After David’s photograph was taken on April 2nd, they did a second lineup for Mr. Hale to view with David’s photo included, but not Joe’s.  Mr. Hale didn’t pick out David from the lineup. After Joe’s arrest, Mr. Hale was never asked to view another line up or to assist any further in the investigation.  David’s defense team was never made aware of the fact that Mr. Hale was given a lineup to look at and that he picked out a police officer, not their client nor Joe.  After all, had the defense known this, it would have been a very interesting piece of evidence for the jury to hear, especially since Yvonne had been having some problems with a few of the police officers on the Alliance police force.   Mr. Hale did not testify at David’s trial.